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Professional coaching

unwinding inner conflicts

Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

We innovate for your inner peace

Learn and explore how to get in touch with your states of mind before, during and after highstakes and potentially violent situations.

Mental Preparation

Mental preparation for mediators of violent conflicts. Executive Coaching and Self-Awareness for Peacekeeping

Self Management

Create self-management strategies for complex situations. Preparing yourself to deal with high-stakes situations

Analytical Psychology

Innovative field-based analytical psychology. Neuroscience and behavioral psychology for a non-violent inner dialogue

About Psychology

The psychology of the individual is reflected in the psychology of the nation. Only a change inthe attitude of the individual can initiate a change in the psychology of the nation.

Carl Gustav Jung - 1916

How we unwind inner conflicts

Executive Coaching

Explore your potential and your options for navigating challenging situations

Dialogue with Self

Learn to negotiate with yourself and dialogue with your Dream Team


Learn to ritualize routines to sustainably regenerate your energy

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